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Wedding Plans and the Actual Day

Wedding Day came quickly!  Why?  Because I was a college student and I wasn’t about to waste time!  Some cousins thought that I was getting married too quickly, but they didn’t understand the phone bill situation, nor the importance of college to me. (#1 Don’t let cousins thought of it being a “shotgun” wedding affect you.) The wedding was to take place at my hometown church.  The best part of being able to plan the wedding so quickly was being able to find a reception area, as my church was so small we didn’t have that.  I felt bad for the other bride, but you don’t pay the deposit or answer your phone you snooze!  I was able to beat out a bride because she kept failing to provide a down payment, and we had cash in hand to secure the reception hall. Yea, me!  Wedding locale and reception area in place, we set off to the cake.  Love to Trudy at Cakes ‘N More in Amarillo, Texas as she made an amazing cake in a short time. Literally, folks, I had a little over two months to plan!

wedding dress

Cue January 6th!  I was hoping for snow on the ground, as I did live in Amarillo and it does snow, however leftover snow in piles around light poles was what it was.  The no snow, was actually a blessing because his family was able to come from Oklahoma to the wedding.  The wedding was a small and intimate wedding.  His family recorded the wedding on a camcorder for us. Which I still have on a VHS to this day!


oo white bouquet
Not my actual bouquet

There were 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. One bridesmaid was my soon to be sister in law with her husband as a groomsman.   I did not choose the best bridesmaid dresses, but they are not as hideous as they could have been.  I had made their bouquets and mine with fake flowers. (#2 Don’t discount your creativity or the benefit of artificial flowers.) Not the choice I was really wanting, but you try finding peach and blue flowers in January that doesn’t cost a lot of money!  I made all my bridesmaids French braid their hair (again, what was I thinking!) and I made them all wear white shoes.  Wow, I was the worst!  I guess you could say I was a “Bridezilla” before it was even known!  I also provided my bridesmaids with a silver heart pendant necklace.  Now, had Origami Owl been around at that time, I would have made a personalized look for each of them!  I could have done a simple bangle with pendants that represent them, or I would have done the Living Locket ™ so that they would have had a memory of that day.  But, I digress.

oo cassette tape

So, the music begins playing (I had it on a cassette!) and it was time. (#3 Don’t think that music played on a cassette is a bad thing.)  I don’t recall much of that actual ceremony aside from the fact that he kept rubbing my thumb.  We were both so nervous.  After saying our “I-dos” we took a few pictures and then headed to the limo so we could go to our reception.  Alcohol was not allowed at my reception (I was only 20!) out of respect to my grandmother.  The food were deli trays from the local grocery store and some punch.  I still was dreaming about how this couldn’t be happening, yet it was.  We didn’t have a long time for the reception, due to older people in my family and his needing to start heading home before it got too dark.  The cake situation was interesting as to this day he claims that I shoved it in his mouth!  I keep telling him that he was leaning back and I was trying not to get it on the rented tux! So now, I am married and the next day I have to move to Houston! No honeymoon for us.

Leave a comment about your wedding day! What was the best or worst part of it?

blog boy and girl get married
Wedding Day, I do!

Until next time,



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Boy Proposes to Girl

October 1995, Houston, Texas.  I had flown from Amarillo to Houston to visit my boyfriend.  We had been dating for 9 months.  Our relationship was a long distance one.  It was difficult to be so far from one another. I was trying to do my college degree.  We never imagined that we would fall so in love that the distance wouldn’t even been an issue.  The major issue was the phone bill!  In 1995, lovelies, you had to pay for long distance.  EACH MINUTE! Man, $400 phone bills added up!

Okay, sorry, reminiscing.  So It is October in Houston.  I chose to wear a cute plaid skorts and yellow halter sweater.  Boyfriend told me not to wear shorts, but I didn’t listen. (#1 Don’t ignore what your boyfriend tells you about the area he lives in!). I told him that it couldn’t get colder than Amarillo after the sun set.  BUT, I was wrong!  It can get colder!

The colder night came, once the sun had set and boyfriend took me on a horse drawn carriage.  I had never been on one before and it was so amazing!  He, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck.  I couldn’t understand why he was acting so nervous, and worried about all the things that he should have.  Once the carriage ride was over, we went walking in the small park around Williams’ Tower.  He again was so nervous, and I was so busy looking around and taking the BIG city in that I didn’t notice the strange man walking our way. (#2 Don’t walk around with a $1,000 ring in your pocket!).  He guided me away and toward another area.  I was asking what was wrong, but he was just walking away and acting more nervous.  We get to an area that has some people but not too many and then he looks around and then begins digging for something.  He has my attention now!  I then see him bend down on his knee and before I know it, he is asking me to marry him.  I said yes, and then he dragged me away from the park.  He was not happy about the people that were about!

The next day, I flew back home to Amarillo.  My mother and our neighbor met me at the airport.  My dad was away on a business trip.  My mother knew something was up right when I saw her!  I tried so hard to not share, because I wanted daddy to be there when I did, but I wasn’t able to!  Momma got it out of me and my neighbor knew before my dad! (#3 Don’t forget to take the ring off until you can tell both parents!) Crazy!

Here is the locket I would use to share that memory!

blog boy proposes to girl
Boy Proposes to Girl

Comment below as to where you were proposed to!

Until next time,



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Girl Takes Boy to George Strait Concert

So, my boyfriend (yes, I was able to make him my boyfriend!) liked country music.  I barely listened to country music, but I did know who George Strait was.  (Hopefully, you do also!)

He told me that George Strait would be preforming in Houston around the same time his birthday would be.  Wow! What a great idea for a birthday present! music note

I began asking questions about how to get tickets.  My boyfriend stated that it would be almost impossible to get George Strait tickets.  I made it a goal that I wouldn’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!  I found out when, where, and how to get the tickets through TicketMaster.  This is the only downfall of living so far away from your boyfriend!  You don’t know what TicketMaster is or where the best place to sit in the Summit Center was.  I made sure that the day the tickets went on sale, I was up extra early and calling every second until I got through.  Since I didn’t know anything about the Summit Center (another landmark in Houston that isn’t there!), I didn’t know the best seats to get. (#1 Don’t think you are amazing at getting tickets, when you don’t know how bad they actually were).   I got what I could afford, and shocked the heck out of my boyfriend!  He thought I would never get the tickets!  SURPRISE!

oo birthday cake

So I have tickets to George Strait!  First concert for me to attend! (Well, I had attended Acapella concert several months before, but that is not really the same!)  I kept putting off getting boots for the concert until the day before I had to leave for Houston!  I went into the Western Store in Amarillo, about 20 minutes before they closed!  I thought I knew the boots that I wanted, I should have listened to the salesperson!  #2 Because, what ever you do don’t EVER buy new boots and expect to be able to wear them the next day! I had so many blisters!  My boyfriend even made fun of me when he realized what I had done!   I have wore them two other times with the same end result.  So, those boots that I was so excited to purchase and wear on our date, sit in my closet still not broken in!

This was our official second date!  What an amazing date it was! #3 Don’t forget to let the boy know you wish him a  Happy Birthday!

What was your second date?  How would you choose to showcase it?

Here is how I would showcase this date!

blog girl takes boy to concert
Concert Tickets!



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When a Girl Meets a Boy

This was in January of 1995! The newest craze was a thing called America Online (AOL).

DICLAIMER needed here!   I DO NOT claim that anyone should do what I did!

I remember watching a television show titled, “90210” and the characters were talking about a new way of talking with people from all over the country.  It was called “chat rooms” on the internet!  The most popular way of doing this was in an AOL chat room.  This was such a foreign idea to me at the time, but I remember talking with my dad about it. When you used AOL, you had to use your phone line! No one was able to call the house and talk to you if you were on AOL.   My dad told me that he actually had been using it for awhile, and he would show me what it was about.

We set a profile up for me that was “Smiles4U”!   (#1 Don’t use a name that can attract crazy people!)oo emoji

Little did I know the attention it would send my way! This handle became a magnet for some not so nice attention.  But eventually, I met a boy in a chat who charmed me.  One day, I got tired of his slow typing skills and private messaged him my phone number.  I also told him to give me 10 minutes to get unplugged and get to the phone. (#2 Don’t give any guy your phone number just because!)  We talked that night about everything that is usually taboo! (#3 Don’t discuss how many kids you want, religion, or politics on the first night!) We discussed politics, marriage, children, and religion.  There was just something about this boy! I wanted to keep talking with him (long distance fee) and chatting with him (because that wasn’t a long distance phone fee!)  Oh the days of long distance phone charges and slow internet access!   Five months of talking on the phone and chat rooms, led to us deciding to meet in person.  I was a college student at the time and he was a full-time employee, so I drove to meet him.  We enjoyed each other’s company and had a great first date!  He took me to an amusement park called, “AstroWorld” (no longer around!).  Our first date led to others!  Encapsulating this memory would definitely be a fun memory to relive!

Comment below with your first encounter with your husband, fiance, or current relationship!

blog boy meets girl
Girl Meets Boy

Until Next Time,


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Why create a Living Locket?

One of the biggest problems with creating an Origami Owl Living Locket is deciding what to place into the locket!  The biggest question I receive is; “What do I place into my locket?”

This is the fun part of creating your Living Locket!  It’s all about storytelling!  What memory deserves the most attention first?  What memory is unique enough to be represented and make people go “Hmmm…”? Taking the time to think about that helps you discover the locket you create first lending itself to that unique memory being created with symbols.

The purpose of my blog is to help you see how to #encapsulateyourmemories in a unique and fun way.  To help you pull out your own important memory to share with symbolization that is unique.

Until next time!